Now new!


The new joystick control with combined installation in the cabin and on the top seat for even more comfortable work.


Flexibility, comfort and security at the highest level. It is bad weather, the loading processes are very short and you would prefer to work from the driver's cabin. You don't want to have to work without the overview of a top seat control for long loading processes and when sorting the wood piles? From now on, you no longer have to choose one of the two, because the joystick control times two by STEPA makes it possible, without any radio remote control.


The fully electric joystick control from STEPA can be delivered mounted on the top seat. At the same time, it is also possible to install a second set of joysticks together with the control panel in the driver's cabin to drive the crane from there. Depending on where the electrical cable is connected, the forestry crane can be operated from the high seat or the driver's cabin.


Also ideal for communities when the forestry trailer must be able to be operated by different towing vehicles.