Telescopic system

You can choose between a double or triple telescopic system depending on your requirements. The double telescope has an impressive, lightweight construction and can be supplied with a reach of up to 10m. The triple telescope system has high retraction and extension speeds. All extension booms are extended with just one cylinder. This means that distances of up to 13m can be reached.

Lifting boom

Different lifting booms can be selected depending on the space available in the hay barn. The compressive lifting cylinder with the POWER LINK system provides a consistent torque and constant speed throughout the lifting boom’s entire movement range. In special cases, STEPA also provides telescopic lifting booms with an extension of up to 80cm. This means that low obstacles can be overcome or a higher haystack reached.


  • POWER LINK system
  • Optimum geometry using compressive lifting cylinder
  • Fine grain S700 steel