STEPA Farmkran


In Bavaria we are represented by many small regional dealers. Therefore please contact our nearest factory representative based on your postcode and area. The respective representatives are responsible for all other German federal states.

Factory representative


Josef Krallinger:
if your post code start with 83xxx until Rosenheim, as well as 84xxx, 85xxx, 88xxx or 89xxx.

Factory representative


Thomas Kreuzberger:
if your post code starts with 90xxx until 94xxx.

Factory representative


Georg Jenewein:
if your postcode starts with 83xxx from Rosenheim, as well as 82xxx, 86xxx or 87xxx.

Forestry cranes

Upper Bavaria post codes 84xxx & 85xxx, as well as Lower Bavaria, Upper Palatinate, Lower-, Middle- and Upper Franconia as well as all other federal states

Fa. AFM Forst und Krantechnik GmbH
Mr. Franz Schlamminger
Uttendorf 3
94353 Haselbach

Hay cranes

rest of Bavaria & Baden-Württemberg

Fa. Feneberg GbR
Hinter'm Buch 1
87477 Sulzberg

Forestry & hay cranes


Fa. Schuler Landtechnik
Thurner 8
79274 St. Märgen